Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rumors: Front-Runners to Land Darrelle Revis?

By Michael Collins
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Whether or not Pro Bowl defensive back Darrelle Revis wants to remain with the New York Jets, the team is apparently still looking for a possible suitor to work out a deal. Right now, it looks like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers may be the closest thing the Jets have found to a dance partner for trading Revis.

According to a report by NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport, the Buccaneers have “internally discussed and expressed interest in a possible trade for Revis, according to a source informed of the discussions.”  This coincides with a similar report from ProFootballTalk.com that states the Buccaneers have made an offer to New York.

The likelihood of any deal getting done quickly is slim, as it’s going to take some very complex negotiations as well as a lot of give and take for both sides.

The Bucs do have $32 million in available cap space, which is to their advantage. It allows them some cash negotiating room with the Jets if players and draft picks turn out to be not enough to get a deal done. But the biggest hurdle for a deal involving Revis will be finding a trade that makes financial sense for the Jets.

Next March, Revis can walk away from the Jets without them being able to use the franchise tag, per his contract. This puts the Jets a little behind the 8-ball. They want to get maximum value for a star player, but they can’t wait too long or the market could soften or even just collapse with teams knowing they won’t have to give the Jets any draft pick compensation for Revis.

The Jets aren’t going to get a first round pick for Revis, which is probably what they are hoping for. Revis is recovering from a serious ACL injury, and it’s widely known that the Jets don’t plan to keep him beyond 2013. The Buccaneers are more than likely offering a second and/or third round pick as well as an expiring contract or two.  If Tampa gives a first round pick of any earlier than 2014, they are overpaying.

The other monkey wrench in the machine is that Revis has openly stated he really doesn’t want to be traded from the Jets, so any package that is put together is going to have to be very attractive to Revis for him to accept the trade. While he doesn’t have a “no-trade” clause per say, Revis can dissuade teams from seriously considering a trade just by stating that he will not talk to them at all about a long-term contract and will be a free agent at the end of the year regardless.

Right now the Buccaneers may be the front-runner for landing Revis, but it may end up being a race that nobody wins.


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