Washington Redskins Rumors: Is Robert Griffin III Trying to Recruit Reggie Bush?

By Dan Parzych


(Robert Mayer/USA Today Sports)

After spending the last two seasons with the Miami Dolphins, Reggie Bush will be looking for a new team to join as all signs have pointed to the team having zero interest when it comes to bringing him back for the 2013 season. While numerous teams have already expressed interest in possibly bringing the running back on board next season, it appears one of the top Washington Redskins rumors this week involves one player of the team wanting Bush on board in 2013–Robert Griffin III.

As much as RGIII may want Bush on board, it may be more difficult considering the Redskins situation with the salary cap. Even if the Redskins were interested, there’s a good chance Bush would be seeking a contract the team wouldn’t be able to afford on top of the fact that he would be playing behind Alfred Morris–so he wouldn’t even be the team’s top option at running back.

Still, it must mean something if a player as talented as RGIII is willing to go out and express interest in bringing someone like Bush on board–it wouldn’t be a surprise if the organization at least considered the option. If there’s anything to take away from Bush’s time in Miami, it’s he can be effective at times if he’s playing in the right system.

This may not be anything but a rumor for now, but it should be interesting to see what happens now that free agency is under way.

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