What Can Percy Harvin Bring to the Seattle Seahawks?

By Jon Dodson
Percy Harvin
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

On March 12, the Seattle Seahawks and Minnesota Vikings are set to finalize a trade that would send Percy Harvin to Seattle for three draft picks, one being Seattle’s 2013 first-round pick. This trade could make many people look to Seattle to represent the NFC in Super Bowl XLVIII. However, Harvin has his doubters and many think that his attitude and off the field problems may overshadow his talent on the field.

To some Harvin is regarded as the most talented all around player in the NFL. Yesterday, his former teammate Adrian Peterson said on Twitter “The best all around player I ever seen or you’ll ever see! Goes to Seattle! I feel like I just got kicked in the stomach. Several times!!!”

Not only do Harvin’s teammates believe he is an unbelievable talent, but he also shows it on the field. Before he was injured on Nov. 4against the Seahawks from an ankle sprain, he led the NFL in total yards. The Vikings used him at just about every offensive position other than quarterback and he produced. He can line up at wide receiver or running back and he may just be the best kick returner in the NFL. He’s quick enough to get by defenders, athletic enough to go up and make the catch and he’s so good at running after the catch that he is a huge threat to any team even on short routes across the field.

Harvin is more than just a wide receiver. He is a playmaker who will help this already potent Seattle offense.

His departure from Minnesota wasn’t without controversy. This is what has some people concerned that he could be another diva wide receiver and may bring more negativity to the locker room than he will bring production to the field. He is in the final year of his rookie contract with the Vikings and was set to make $2.9 million.

Harvin wasn’t happy with his contract and demanded a new contract along with Calvin Johnson money. As dynamic as he can be, he is not worth the $132 million that Calvin Johnson is set to make over the next seven seasons. He and the Seahawks will both have to come to terms on a new contract before the trade can be finalized.

He also has had problems with migraine headaches. The headaches have on multiple occasions kept him from practicing. The ankle injury that he suffered against the Seahawks isn’t expected to be an issue for him in the future, but there is always a risk when signing a player fresh off of an injury. He must also pass a physical for the trade to be finalized.

He may have some baggage, but I believe the good that he can bring to the Seahawks far outweighs the bad. The Seattle Seahawks were already a Super Bowl contender without him. They run a powerful running game that allows them to open up the field for Russell Wilson and the receivers. The threat that Marshawn Lynch presents causes the defenders to play against the run. That allows the receivers to get open down the middle of the field, where Wilson and Sidney Rice connected many times.

The addition of Harvin is going to give the Seahawks one of the most talented players in the NFL to run those deep, or even short, middle of the field routes. As seen throughout the 2012 season, Pete Carroll likes to gets creative with his offensive plays and Harvin is the perfect type of player to execute trick screen plays. Not only will he help their passing game at the wide receiver position, but he will also spread out the opposing defense for the running game. Both Lynch and Wilson will have more room to run. Seattle already had one of the best special team units in the NFL. Harvin is only going to make them even better there.

When signing or trading for a new player, there are always some questions. Harvin could be just another diva wide receiver who consistently underachieves, as his doubters say, or he could turn out to be the dynamic playmaker who will launch the Seattle Seahawks to Super Bowl XLVIII. Time will only tell how impactful this trade will be on the 2013 road to the Super Bowl.


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