Tweet Regarding Green Bay Packers Signing Steven Jackson From Fake Adam Schefter Account

By Michael Terrill
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers are rumored to be in talks with free agent Steven Jackson and appear interested in acquiring the running back. The Packers must do everything in their power to lure Jackson away from teams, such as the Atlanta Falcons, and sign him to a multi-year contract.

It appears the two sides could be close to reaching an agreement and even Adam Schefter supposedly tweeted Wednesday afternoon that a deal had been reached. However, Schefter deleted the tweet shortly after it was posted. This means either the deal was thought to be done or the ESPN NFL Insider decided to play a cruel joke on Packer nation.

Many speculated that the tweet was from a fake account, but even Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Packers beat writer Tyler Dunne saw the post and believed the news to be true.

“@tydunne And there it is. RT @AdamSchefter Former Rams RB Steven Jackson has accepted a 3 year deal with the Packers.”

The good news is that Schefter, who has been reporting news all day on NFL free agency, would not tweet something without good reason. Clearly, he believed a deal between Green Bay and Jackson was done, which means there is a good chance Aaron Rodgers will be handing the football off to a Pro Bowl running back this upcoming season.

Twitter and other social media sites caught fire when Schefter’s tweet went out, with Packers fans across the internet rejoicing. However, now there appears to be chaos erupting. No one cares to hear about any other news, including who the new pope is, until it is revealed why Schefter tweeted what he did and when he did. What does he know that we have yet to figure out?

Update: ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter stated that he “never tweeted about Steven Jackson and Packers. Fake account.” Even though the Packers and Jackson have supposedly spoken to each other about a possible deal, there has been no official comment from Schefter on the matter.

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