Brian Urlacher in Talks with Minnesota Vikings, but Deal Seems like Longshot

By Andrew Fisher
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Urlacher is in talks with the Minnesota Vikings – true statement. This is something that’s be speculated about for awhile now, but the Chicago Tribune has confirmed that the Vikings have reached out to the legendary Chicago Bears linebacker.

I can hear Bears’ fans screaming now, how could he!?

While this is a real thing, I’m not putting to much stock into it. As you hear constantly this time of year, the NFL is a business. The Vikings reaching out to Urlacher, and the Bears letting him talk to other teams, are both simply part of business. Minnesota needs a middle linebacker, Urlacher wants to get paid, and the Bears have yet to open up their check book.

In addition to the Vikings, Urlacher is also reportedly gaining interest from the Arizona Cardinals and Dallas Cowboys. That should make Bears’ fans feel a little better. This is not a ‘revenge’ situation, just merely a ‘test the waters’ situation.

Bears’ GM Phil Emery did somewhat acknowledge the situation on Wednesday, “We have approached him about coming back. As far as working it out, that is ongoing.”

The two sides are rumored to be far apart on money, and thus why Urlacher has started to reach out to other teams.

If I had to place a bet on whether Urlacher would jump ship to Minnesota, I would bet against it. It just seems so wrong for him to end his career in any place but Chicago. But, if money is that big of deal and Urlacher feels disrespected, he could want to stick it to his long-time team, and Minnesota would be just the place do it.


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