Buffalo Bills Should Go After Quarterback Geno Smith

By Dave Daniels
Matt Cassel sneaks it
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills should try to go after Geno Smith any way they can. It has been a hectic week for the Bills; DeadSpin released a phone call their GM made earlier this week where he was trashing quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and then later that day the Bills released him. It will be a tough road to hoe next year for the Bills and their immediate future depends greatly on the choice they make at quarterback for next year. They have many other issues as well, but they need to focus on one thing at a time and the most important decision to be made is at quarterback.

There is precious little left in the free agent or trade department, so where should they look for a quarterback? Probably the draft might be their best bet. Geno Smith might be the only hope for the Bills next season, but it will be hard for them to have a winning record next year. Smith still has a lot of work to do; he will not have a Robert Griffin III or Andrew Luck-like rookie year, but he could have a solid year and show the tools to be the Bills’ quarterback of the future.

We’ll just to see what happens in the draft before we know where the Bills are heading.

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