Chicago Bears Nab Jermon Bushrod and Martellus Bennett

By danielleanderson
Garrett Hartley- USA TODAY Sports

If you were not a fan of GM Phil Emery, yesterday probably changed your mind.  Last year we were definitely looking at a team that needed someone to make those necessary changes to the roster and Emery is definitely getting the job done.  The first day of NFL free agency resulted in nothing less than a multitude of happy Chicago Bears fans.

TE Martellus Bennett is now a Bear.  The former 2008 second round draft pick made nine touchdowns last year and achieved over 1,400 receiving yards with the New York Giants (2012 season).  He signed a one year deal worth $2.5 million for the upcoming season.  I personally believe this is a fantastic choice for the roster considering all of the prevalent struggles of the offensive line.

Left Tackle Jermon Bushrod is another much needed offensive weapon the Bears have acquired.  He has been voted to the Pro Bowl twice and has a Super Bowl win under his belt.  Need I say more? Thus far, his entire career has been with the New Orleans Saints (2007-12 seasons).  His career achievements scream success and apparently they also scream $35 million dollars with $17 million guaranteed.  This is to be paid over the next five years.  Numbers like these make me wish I could rethink my career path and change my gender.

Acquiring these two players alone cost $37.5 million dollars to be paid over the next five years.  However, the Bears are definitely becoming a team with necessary offensive weapons and as long as the players respond well to one another, this season can be seen as nothing less than great.

Danielle Anderson is a Chicago Bears writer for Follow her on Twitter @MsSportsBlog.

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