Detroit Lions and Reggie Bush Appear to be a Few Million Dollars Apart

By Dale Casler


Andrew Weber- USA TODAY Sports

All is quiet in Detroit tonight.  The 2013 NFL free agency signing period began today at 4 P.M. and there’s still no word on the Detroit Lions most coveted prize this offseason. Free agent, Reggie Bush has seen some interest from the Arizona Cardinals and late arrival Cincinnati Bengals. But still, the word around the league is that Bush is not expected to leave Detroit without signing a new contract.

The money must be wrong.  Detroit may have to show Reggie around town and really sell him.  How do you convince a talented running back who wants $six million to take $3 or $4 million instead?

If you’re GM Martin Mayhew, the answer is relatively simple.  It does depend on how greedy Bush wants to be though.  In any case, the answer should go something like this… Reggie, your other options are Arizona and Cincinnati. Arizona may have the weather, but come on Reggie.  Detroit is the home of Motown.

Barry Sanders wants you here too Reggie. Take a look at Sanders comments on

Hey, I’d love to see @ReggieBush here in the D. I’ve always been outspoken (for me) about how important I think the run game is. Even today.

It’s a done deal.  If Barry Sanders wants you here, you should want to be here too.  Forget about that other three million in salary per year Reggie.  Come and be part of history.  The Lions and their fans want a playoff berth…And a playoff win too for that matter.

The Lions are also one of the top offenses in the league, all joking aside.  He’s the best fit in Detroit.  I think Reggie Bush knows that. His wallet might not though. Stay tuned.

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