New England Patriots Enrage Tom Brady With Their "Disservice" to Wes Welker

By Dave Daniels
US PRESSWIRE- Mark J. Rebllas

Just weeks after Tom Brady took a giant pay cut to insure that the New England Patriots would have cap space to sign quality players, then the Patriots let Wes Welker go to one of their main rivals in the AFC.

Apparently a source close to Brady said that he was “beyond enraged” at Welker’s deal, and the source also used the words “disgrace” and “disservice”.

Wow. Brady must not have been forewarned about this happening, or else why would sketchy reports of his displeasure surface at all. If you think Brady is angry now? How angry will he be if Wes Welker makes a crucial catch in a playoff game to eliminate his team from a Super Bowl run?

My guess? Pretty frickin’ angry, and it could have huge repercussions for the Patriots offense. Welker has been their high volume receiver slot man for the last two years. He and Brady seemed to share the same brain on the field at times, and something tells me they will regret this deal in Foxborough. Can the Patriot tight ends make up for Welker’s production on their own? Fat chance. It will take a much improved Patriots’ defense for them have a chance next year, because the days of their offensive dominance are probably over.

As for Welker? He simply switches from one Hall of Fame quarterback to another. Oh yeah, and he gets paid what he deserves.

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