New England Patriots: Wes Welker and Free Agency

By andRe Christos Helios
Steve Mitchell USA TODAY Sports

Today is March 13, 2013. Although it’s the middle of the week and not Friday, there’s still that omen feeling hovering around today.

It’s the NFL Free Agency season. Teams are either signing on new players or releasing them. Whether or not these add-ons or let-goes are either good or bad for a team, that won’t be known definitively until the end of the next season.

As far as the New England Patriots are concerned, as I have mentioned before, they need to focus on improving their defense. That should be their priority in the 2013 NFL Draft, and they should be picking up ideal defensive free agents as well. The Patriots have been the No. 1 offense for some time now, so tightening up the offense is really of no consequence.

We’re all familiar with the tension between wide receiver Wes Welker and the Pats. If Welker chooses to walk away from the Pats, I would say that it wouldn’t hurt New England any more than Randy Moss playing for the Minnesota Vikings (again), Tennessee Titans, or the San Francisco 49ers.

After all, New England made Moss and Welker. This is not to take anything away from the two, but let’s be frank — their careers were never more significant then when they were playing for Bill Belichick and the Pats.

Having said that, I believe that New England should let Welker walk and let him be the main target for an offense that isn’t as versatile and dangerous as New England’s. Welker is an ingrate and unpatriotic; he should be stripped of the honor of playing along side Tom Brady.

In the meantime, New England should direct its focus on picking up cornerback Darrelle Revis, who would be a valuable asset in tightening up their defense. Although I don’t see the New York Jets seeking a trade deal with New England, I’m sure with the right amount of cheese, something can be worked out. After all, Robert Kraft is the Pats’ owner.

Whatever decisions New England makes this year, it should be one that they don’t regret. It should be one that will impact their future — a future that signifies glory, greatness, and of course, a Lombardi Trophy.

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