NFL Free Agency Rumors: Danny Amemdola Will Replace Wes Welker for New England Patriots?

By Clyde A. Speller
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The football world was taken by surprise when the Denver Broncos signed wide receiver Wes Welker to a two-year, $12 million deal during the second day of free agency. Welker, who has been the top receiver for the New England Patriots for the past six seasons, has now left a gigantic hole in the offense of the Patriots’ passing game.

Now New England must find someone to fill that void and must do so in a hurry. Looking at the big-play wide receivers that are available in the free agency, the choices are very few. Wide receivers Mike Wallace and Donnie Avery have found new places to call home while Dwayne Bowe re-signed with his original team.

Greg Jennings is still available, but one player that may be a better fit is Danny Amendola. The four-year pro is only 27 years old and is almost a carbon copy of Welker when comparing their stature and playing style.

Though Jennings may have accumulated much gaudier numbers during his seven years in the league, the Patriots could probably get Amendola at a cheaper price than they would in pursuing Jennings.

In doing so, it will leave more room in their salary cap to possibly re-sign wide receiver Brandon Lloyd, a receiver that they now greatly need since Welker has gone to the Mile High City.

Not only will the potential signing of Amendola leave more cap room for Lloyd, it could possibly leave more cash for a defensive free agent such as Charles Woodson.


UPDATE: The Patriots have signed Amendola.

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