No Deal Not a Positive Sign For Wes Welker and New England Patriots So Far

By Dan Parzych
(David Butler II/USA Today Sports)

One of the biggest questions this offseason has been whether or not the New England Patriots would be able to work out a deal with wide receiver Wes Welker after making the decision to not use the franchise tag on him for the 2013 season. Welker has been fighting for a long-term deal for quite some time and even though he’s displayed the numbers to earn one, the Patriots have yet to give in.

With the first day of free agency officially over, it’s safe to say both parties are not off to a good start and it may not be a good sign of what’s to come.

Most players would do anything to play for a competitor like New England–so it says a lot if Welker has yet to sign a deal with the team heading into Wednesday considering he would have already signed a contract if he received the right offer. Welker has made it clear he wants to test the open market mainly because he knows there will be other teams that will most likely be willing to offer him more money and at this rate–it wouldn’t be a surprise if that ended up happening.

It may sound crazy to think about the possibility of Welker ending up with a different team next season, but things aren’t looking good so far for both parties. If the Patriots really wanted Welker around, they could have paid him the money he’s been fighting for by now and both sides realize that–which means these next few days could be interesting to see unfold.

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