Wes Welker Seeks Revenge, Signs with Denver Broncos

By andRe Christos Helios
Greg M. Cooper USA TODAY Sports

It seems that Wes Welker has shown his true colors–no, they aren’t red, white, and blue, either. After becoming a home name while playing for the New England Patriots, Welker made two trips to the Super Bowl and surmounted a number of accolades. Indeed, he was one of Tom Brady’s favorite targets.

But that’s where the tension boiled. Welker didn’t feel appreciated for his talent. He wasn’t targeted as much this past season. So he’s angry. I can empathize with him. But is having mild disdain for a team that made you the right approach? Is playing for another team the way you voice your emotions, Welker?

I will not berate him for agreeing to play with the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning. As a free agent, Welker had the liberty of playing for the New York Jets if he wanted. Nevertheless, this move seems it was done more out of frustration or even worse–vengeance.

Think about it. What other quarterback to play with than Manning? He had a great year for someone who hadn’t played football for an entire year. He helped the Broncos acquire an impressive record as they were the number seed in the playoffs. More importantly, he is in the same league as Brady.

This has revenge written all over it.

Peyton Manning versus Tom Brady is always good. Moreover, the Broncos versus the Patriots, with Wes Welker in a Bronco uniform is even better! This has definitely augmented the rivalry between Brady and Manning because Welker used to play for the Pats and is now playing alongside Manning!

Yes, this was definitely a move motivated by revenge. I anticipated that he would have gone to the Broncos, but as I analyze it further, there is so much depth to it. Manning can throw the ball. He is a quarterback. If I’m a smart man, he probably wants another Lombardi Trophy, too.

We all know what Welker can do. My best bet: Welker wanted to make New England pay and pay big. He felt betrayed. He felt that the only way to make New England understand his value was to play with another high-caliber quarterback: Peyton Manning. What other way to get this vengeance than signing with the Denver Broncos?

Do not be mistaken, this was personal. Welker wants revenge. I can bet you my last dollar that the Pats have felt his blow and the regular season hasn’t started yet. I can see Welker now–with a sinister smile on his face.


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