Could New York Jets’ Tim Tebow Become the Next “Moose”?

By Rodney Coe
New York Jets Tim Tebow
Joe Nicholson-US Presswire

With the signing of David Garrard, the New York Jets have four quarterbacks in the fold. Someone has to be traded or move to another position. Why not move the only one who could actually play another position — Tim Tebow?

Even the Tebow haters have said he’s a good football player, even he’ll never be an NFL quarterback. Why not move him to fullback and use him in the wildcat? If they did, he could become the next Daryl Johnston.

Johnston, nicknamed “Moose” by the fans, was a talented Dallas Cowboys fullback from 1989-1999. He was so loved in Dallas the fans began to yell “Moose” whenever he touched the ball. He was so respected around the NFL, even the opposing fans roared “Moose” every time he made a play.

In his career as a Cowboy, Johnston rushed for 753 yards and had 294 receptions for 2,227 yards. Catching passes out of the backfield was a Johnston specialty, but paving the way for Emmitt Smith, who went on to be the NFL’s all-time leading rusher, was Johnston’s purpose. Johnston changed the game, and because of his talent, the Pro Bowl officially made fullback a new position.

I am a Tebow fan. He is a very good football player. I would certainly love to see fans chant his name because he made a good play, rather than scream his name because a starting QB is failing. This may shock other Tebow fans, but if he can’t win the starting QB job with the current Jets QB situation right now, he never will.

Tebow fans would love to see him respected again, rather than be criticized by pundits for his poor play as he sits the bench. He is a first-class man, and a great teammate just like Johnston was. Tebow’s passion for the game is inspirational to the organization. Why not move him to fullback, and still use him in the wildcat?

It’s a win-win-win, for the Jets, for Tebow, and especially for us Tebow fans.

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