Geno Smith Impresses Scouts at Pro Day, Buffalo Bills Should Take Note

By Dave Daniels
West Virginia Geno Smith
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Geno Smith might land himself a starting quarterback position after a strong pro day performance. He reportedly made 60 out of 64 throws, and if the Buffalo Bills weren’t interested before then they should be now.

“It was a lot easier than the combine,” Smith said. “For one, I wasn’t up for three days straight before doing this. I was able to get some rest, just being back in Morgantown, which is my comfortable environment and feeling good. At the combine we were limited to about 10-to-15 throws. To get 60-to-70 throws in here, I think it helped me out a lot.”

Smith showed as much at the pro day as he did last year throwing for 4,205 yards, 42 touchdowns and 6 interceptions; a quarterback who takes care of the ball like that can land himself a starting job next year.

“I do believe I have a good skill set,” Smith said. “The main thing they want to see if how I react in the classroom. I never get nervous. I know how to handle this thing.”

The Bills recently cut their starting quarterback for cap purposes and there is really no one on the trade or free agent market who would be a better fit than Smith. The only problem? There are a lot of teams looking for a quarterback, so would the Bills be willing to trade up to get him? We shall see.

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