New Orleans Saints Rumors: Team is in the Market for a Quarterback

By Alejandro Aviles
Chase Daniel and Drew Brees
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

One the first day of NFL free agency, the New Orleans Saints saw left tackle Jermon Bushrod and quarterback Chase Daniel go to other teams. The Saints have yet to make any moves, but perhaps they are testing the waters before jumping in. One thing is for sure: the Saints are going to need another quarterback.

Drew Brees is undoubtedly one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, but he currently has no back-up. With Daniel heading to the Kansas City Chiefs, the Saints are left with Brees as the only quarterback on the roster. Their back-up quarterback may not be the team’s number one priority at the moment, but it is surely something that must be addressed.

The Saints seemed content to let Daniel go and are likely on the market for a cheaper back-up. His deal with the Chiefs is worth $10 million for three years, including $5 million guaranteed. There was no way the Saints were going to pay Daniel that kind of money, so they decided to part ways.

The Saints will almost definitely look for a back-up QB in free agency rather than look to the draft. This year’s draft class is reportedly weak at the QB position and if that’s the case, they would be better off in free agency. They have been quiet so far, but I am sure that general manager Mickey Loomis has some plans for the team.

An insurance policy for Brees will be essential for the Saints and something the team should address sooner rather than later. As far as back-up quarterbacks go, Daniel is one of the best, but they could definitely find a cheaper option out on the open market.

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