Phil Emery has done a great job as Chicago Bears GM

By Matt Gabrielson
David Banks – USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bears fans are seeing something they have not seen in a long time; a true commitment to winning.  Phil Emery is the change in the Bears front office that the franchise had needed for a very long time.  Since the Bears won Super Bowl XX way back in 1985, there has been a seeming acceptance within the organization with mediocrity.  In recent years the Bears began to show signs of wanting to take the next step, but the biggest move was following a disappointing 2011 season the Bears fired then general manager Jerry Angelo, and brought in Emery.

Emery has been very aggressive during his time with the team so far which is a trait that is needed if teams want to win in today’s NFL.  In what may have been one of his most aggressive moves, Emery fired Lovie Smith at the end of the 2012 season, despite the fact the team went 10-6.  Then after an exhausting coaching search that seemed to include everyone that has ever been on a sideline, Emery surprised everyone by hiring former CFL head coach Marc Trestman.

If you go back to just before the start of free agency 2012, Emery shocked the world by acquiring wide receiver Brandon Marshall for only two third round draft picks.  And what did Marshall do?  Oh, he only become the first Bears wide receiver to be selected to the Pro Bowl since Marty Booker in 2002.  That was one of the best trades the Bears have ever made, and he completed the trade five minutes before free agency was scheduled to open.

While the Bears and Emery did not do much in the 2012 free agency period, 2013 was a whole different story.  Shortly after the start of the 2013 free agency period, it was reported that the Bears and tight end Martellus Bennett had reached an agreement.  By signing Bennett, the Bears addressed one of their biggest needs with the best combo tight end available.

But Emery and the Bears would not be satisfied by only signing Bennett.  Not but a mere two hours later it was announced the team had agreed to terms with pro bowl left tackle Jermon Bushrod. By bringing in Bushrod the Bears addressed a large problem on the offensive line that the team has had for many years.

Emery appears to be the kind of person that is never satisfied with what he has done.  This is the kind of attitude that Bears fans have thirsted for ever since winning a Super Bowl nearly 30 years ago.  The Bears organization also has done a tremendous job in stepping back and allowing Emery to do his job making the team better.  While hard decisions still loom for Emery, his tenacity and desire to bring the Lombardi Trophy back to Chicago should have all Bears fans excited.

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