Ram-bunctious Foxborough: Danny Amendola Is A New England Patriot?

By andRe Christos Helios
Mark J. Rebllas USA TODAY Sports

I bet that there is an uproar in Massachusetts right now. If you thought the Boston Tea party caused an insurrection, I am almost certain that by the end of the week, there will be a riot or a ruckus of some sort over the latest disaster that took place in Foxborough. New England Patriots fans must be outraged about what just happened.

Not that I am disgusted that Wes Welker is no longer a Pat. Why? Just as much as New England, I believe in having a team, not a particular player that gets all of the attention. Although I understand Welker’s “frustration” with not being targeted as he normally would, I would expect a little more sportsmanship from him and recognize that it’s about the Pats, not about him.

The team doesn’t need a guy like him. However, if the Pats actually made the decision of relinquishing Welker, why replace him with Danny Amendola? Yes, that’s the same thing that I thought. I said “Who is that?”

If you’re laughing, you should be because this is a joke! The omen of March 13, 2013 has started! New England has made a bad decision in doing a switch-a-roo of wide receivers and it’s not even the end of the next season yet!

Amendola? Really? Amendola is supposed to ameliorate the atmosphere of not having Welker? Just research this guy’s stats, compare them with Welker’s and when you’re done, try not to burn your Patriots jersey!

I’m literally laughing at this and shaking my head. Not that this hurts New England; they still are an offensive juggernaut, but Welker was apart of that force. What is Amendola going to do? This is like trading in an Aston Martin for a Crown Victoria. Now do you get it?

Well, I guess New England is more concerned with downgrading altogether.


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