Will Denver Broncos LB Von Miller's Super Bowl Guarantee Hold True?

By Mark Stringer
Ron Chenoy – USA Today Sports

Denver Broncos LB Von Miller has guaranteed his six-year-old cousin that he and the Broncos will win the 2013 Super Bowl. This is a  bold statement, but it is statements like these that a leader uses to motivate his team. Will the Broncos improve enough to be able to get over the hump of a season where they fell a few games short of a Super Bowl appearance?

The Broncos will be better in year two of the Peyton Manning experience. They will have a whole off season and tons of practices with Manning leading them and preparing to get better and that could only mean improvements for the Broncos. I believe the Broncos have a true shot at a Super Bowl title and will be much better than in 2012 when they were 13-3, but did not beat many of the teams that were at the top of the NFL.

The Broncos fell short by getting beat by the eventual Super Bowl champs Baltimore Ravens in the AFC divisional round. The Broncos secondary was beat several times in the contest and looked to be the main reason why the Broncos fell short of their expectations and goals. You can not allow big plays down the field multiple times in a playoff game and expect to come out on top. The offense was sharp and sustained multiple long drives and scores, but the secondary was giving up plays as fast as the offense could score.

The Broncos need a true veteran leader at the safety position who can really play and that could be the difference. I hope the Broncos bring in a stud veteran at safety who can lead a young secondary and also help produce on the field.

If the Broncos address this need, things fall into place and the team can stay fairly healthy, then the Broncos should be good enough to be an early favorite to win it all.



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