Will Matt Cassel Win the Starting Job For the Minnesota Vikings Over Christian Ponder?

By Dan Parzych
(Charles LeClaire/USA Today Sports)

Ever since the Kansas City Chiefs agreed on a trade with the San Francisco 49ers, it was only a matter of time before the team parted ways with Matt Cassel–who has struggled over the last couple of seasons in Kansas City. Now, Cassel will receive a fresh start with the Minnesota Vikings and even though the team has made it clear over the last two years they believe Christian Ponder is the future of the franchise–that doesn’t mean Cassel won’t put up a fight for the starting job.

From an experience perspective, Cassel certainly has an advantage over Ponder heading into the 2013 season as he’s started 62 games over the last five seasons. As for Ponder, he’s shown potential at times over his first two seasons in the league, but he still has plenty to prove before the Vikings are going to feel comfortable enough to rely on him as their franchise quarterback considering he failed to even break the 3,000-yard passing mark last year despite starting all 16 games.

In other words–the offseason and training camp should be an interesting battle in Minnesota when it comes to the quarterback position.

Cassel may not be the quarterback of the future, but there’s no reason why Minnesota shouldn’t consider him for the “win-now” mentality as they look to return to the playoffs for the second-straight season. Cassel’s numbers may have been on the decline over the last couple of years in Kansas City, but he’s shown potential at times throughout his career–so it will be interesting to see how things play out in Minnesota.

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