Elvis Dumervil Being Released by the Denver Broncos is Not What it Seems

By Craig Moir
Ron Chenoy- USA Today Sports

Today the Denver Broncos announced that they have released All-Pro defensive end Elvis Dumervil. Before fans decide to point fingers playing the blame game, there are a few points that need to be hammered home first.

All week long, the Broncos and Dumervil’s agent have had dialogue back and forth about how to handle the situation of his contract before today’s 2 p.m. MST deadline. After that time, the Broncos would have been inclined to pay Dumervil $12 million guaranteed for 2013. The gaffe that led to his release was a combination of lackluster effort by one person and one person only: Dumervil.

Although a couple of days ago Dumervil announced he would be willing to take a pay cut because of the free agent market setting the standard, he waited until a half hour before the deadline to agree to the contract that the Broncos had put together. Under the agreement, he would have made $8 million this year, a thirty-three percent pay cut from his old contract.

The Broncos did not receive a signed fax from Dumervil until 2:06 p.m. MST, according to what an anonymous source told USA Today sports. This led to executive vice president of player personnel John Elway having no choice but to file the paperwork with the league office to void Dumervil’s current deal.

Although Dumervil’s agent Marty Magid only had a short while to review the contract, this should not have gone into the eleventh hour when a mistake could have been made. Dumervil waited until the last minute to put his stamp of approval on Elway’s mandate of a pay cut and is now free to test the market.

Although it seems likely that the Broncos will re-sign Dumervil, it may take a little longer than expected. The defensive end that has recorded 63 1/2 sacks in his tenure with the Broncos most likely will not receive that lofty a salary from another team, so the leverage is fully in Elway’s lap.

While many are quick to blame Elway and his front office, or even Magid, the blame needs to be squarely on Dumervil’s back. I can’t remember the last time a defensive end sacked himself, but there is always a first time for everything in the NFL.

As we keep a close look at the situation, it will be interesting to see if Elway has further contact with Dwight Freeney, whom the Broncos have coveted if they could not come to terms with Dumervil. Over the next week, if the re-signing does not take place, then maybe we will find out if this was Elway’s plan all along.

But as it stands now, Dumervil could have been quicker to come to terms and not have this gaffe take place. Not everything is what it seems in the NFL when money is involved and contracts are renegotiated. As Broncos fans, we just hope that the situation will be resolved soon so we can put this debacle behind us while looking forward to a promising 2013 season.

Rant” your first thoughts on this situation with Dumervil and how you would like it to be resolved.


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