Elvis Dumervil Has No One to Blame But Himself For Mistake

By Curt Popejoy
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Breaking news today out of the NFL was all about former Denver Broncos defensive end Elvis Dumervil. Reports came flying in fast and furious that the Broncos were forced to release Dumervil this afternoon when he did not return paperwork agreeing to a contract re-structure proposed by the Broncos to offer the team salary cap savings. The story itself has changed numerous times, but the jist of it centered around a contract offer going to Dumervil just over two hours before the deadline, which he refused.

At that point the Broncos began preliminary paperwork to release Dumervil so as not to be on the hook for around $12 million this year. But in a change of heart, Dumervil via his agent reached out to the Broncos again, with just over 30 minutes to go and decided with a slight revision the contract was acceptable for them. So at this point both sides were under the wire to get things finished. And Dumervil and his agent got hung up on that wire. According to an official statement released by the Broncos organization they received the fax from Dumervil and his representative at 4:06 p.m., just past the 4:00 p.m. deadline. The Broncos had no choice when just before 4 p.m. they didn’t get the paperwork back and quickly filed their own to assure they were free of the $12 million. So, where we are now, Dumervil is a free agent, and his future with the Broncos is uncertain.

My take-I waited to write about this until I heard from the Broncos. I have no reason to not believe them. We can make all the jokes about fax machines and technology we like, but the bottom line is greed was behind this. Dumervil and his agent played chicken with the Broncos in hopes of squeezing out a few more dollars and they lost. He’s made around $30 million the past two seasons from the Broncos, but with all this on the line he rolled the dice. But don’t cry for Dumervil, he’s a very good football player and will find a landing spot, even if it isn’t back in Denver. If I am the Broncos, I low ball him and see if he’s ready to get back under contract in a hurry. But don’t believe there won’t be some other teams with plenty of cap space who will swoop in. That’s when we’ll see where Dumervil’s loyalties really lie.

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