New York Jets Doing What They Can to Fix QB Problem

By Andrew Fisher
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Somehow in two short years, the New York Jets have become the laughing stock of the AFC East. They’ve went from back-to-back AFC championship games, to signing washed up quarterbacks and trying to trade their best player. It’s no doubt a ‘train wreck’ situation right now in New York.

I wrote off 2011 as just a bad year, but after the disaster that was 2012, I’ve been right there with everyone else killing the Jets for the last number of months. I’ve been amazed over and over by how they stick with Mark Sanchez. The franchise has more faith in the Sanchize than I’ll ever know, but you have to give it to them, they’re sticking with their guy.

At this point, the Jets are merely making the best of their quarterback situation. They signed David Garrard to the roster after he was away from football for two years, and now they’re in hot pursuit of the recently released Kelvin Kolb. Even the most pessimistic of Jets’ fan wouldn’t have predicted this.

Even though it seems completely ridiculous, this is reality for the Jets in 2013. With their decision to stick with Sanchez, comes signing players to come in and compete to take his job. It’s honestly the best strategy at this point. If you’re going with a guy the caliber of the Sanchize, you’ve got to do everything possible to maximize his potential. Making him earn every snap is the best strategy at this point.

If Sanchez fails yet again next season, I don’t think it will take long before we see the backup (whoever that may be) get a chance to guide the ship. It’s not ideal, but given the circumstances, the Jets are doing what they can to maximize production from the quarterback position.



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