Treason in Foxborough: Danny Woodhead and Wes Welker

By andRe Christos Helios
Greg M. Cooper USA TODAY Sports

This is beginning to look bad for the New England Patriots. It seems as if dark times are ahead; Pats’ nation seems to be in distress. The once glorious Patriots, the team anyone would have loved to suit up in red, white, and blue, seems to be having loyalty issues.

First it was Wes Welker. He chose treason instead of remaining a Patriot. He wasn’t targeted enough, became angry and bitter, and turned his back on a team that made him. As if playing with Tom Brady wasn’t enough, Welker will now run slots for Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.

So let him be a Bronco. What’s that smell? Horse manure. But New England didn’t watch its step.

Either this is an omen as I have been saying all along, or dominoesIn any event, Danny Woodhead has double-crossed New England, too. Perhaps there wasn’t enough energy in the Patriots’ locker room, but Woodhead thinks there is more electricity with the San Diego Chargers.

I’m stumped, too. I can’t even process the logic behind all of this. First and foremost, both Welker and Woodhead are only subject to a two-year contract! You leave New England to play for another team for only two years? Let’s be objective about this-you abandon the Patriots to play with Manning and Phillip Rivers for only two years?

If you’re not scratching your head, something is wrong with you! If a team only signs you for two years, they don’t really value your athleticism! Hello, were their helmets on too tight?! If Welker and Woodhead think they are hotshots and deserve all the attention and glory, why were they only given two-year contracts?!

In forsaking the Patriots, they have become apostates. Renegades! They have chosen treason, instead of loyalty. And they did it just to play for a team for only two years? Is that the American way?

I sure hope it was worth it because what if New England returns to the Super Bowl and they win it this time without Mr. Butterfingers?

Just remember, I said it first.


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