Buffalo Bills Might Have Difficulty Drafting QB Geno Smith

By Andrew Fisher
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With the release of long-time Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, the franchise finds itself in desperate need of acquiring a new QB in the upcoming NFL Draft. Tarvaris Jackson is on the roster, but he’s a career backup, not a franchise quarterback. It’s too bad the Bills didn’t come the decision to move on from Fitzpatrick last year, because their chances of landing a franchise QB would have been much higher. But, they do hold the No. 8 pick in this year’s draft, and with it comes a chance to find that elusive quarterback.

The top-rated QB in this year’s class is Geno Smith. He fits the mold of today’s dual-threat quarterbacks, and his athletic ability will appeal to many teams in need of revamping their offense. A couple months ago, it was thought that Smith would definitely be available for Buffalo at No. 8, but after a very good pro day, Smith’s stock seems to be higher than ever.

The Oakland Raiders and Arizona Cardinals sit in front of Buffalo, and both teams also desperately need help at quarterback. It will be surprising if one of them doesn’t pursue Smith, because he seems to be the best bet for a franchise QB in this draft. Most other years, he’d probably go in the mid-to-late first round, but it’s just a unique year for QBs. That’s the only thing that might scare the Raiders or Cardinals away, because Smith isn’t really top-10 pick material. He is this year, just by default.

So it might come down to the Bills trading up to get Smith. If they’re convinced he’s their man, they’ve got to do something to ensure they get can get him. But how much is too much for a guy that wouldn’t normally go in the top-10? That will be the main question Buffalo has to ask if they’re serious about Smith.


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