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Denver Broncos 2013 NFL Mock Draft, Week 2: 7 Rounds

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Denver Broncos 2013 NFL Mock Draft, Week 2: 7 Rounds

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We talked last week during our first mock draft that what the Denver Broncos do in free agency was probably going to change the needs in the draft a little, well I was wrong. Their work in the first week of free agency has changed the draft outlook a lot.

We will get to the mock draft and its many changes in a minute, but let’s review some of the things that have happened this past week. The Broncos needed a defensive tackle and that was the position we targeted in the mock draft last week, but they signed Terrance Knighton in free agency. The Broncos will probably still add a defensive tackle in the draft, but it is doubtful that it would be in the first-round now.

The Broncos made big news be signing receiver Wes Welker to go along with Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker. It probably no longer makes sense for the Broncos to take a receiver in the second-round as we had them doing last week.

One of the areas of need the Broncos wanted to address in free agency was running back, but were unable to do so. It’s very possible now that the team could be looking for a back early in the draft.

These are only a few examples of how a mock draft can change so quickly. As we get closer to the draft in April, the changes will slow considerably because the free agency signing will end. Even then, though, players in the draft will move up and down so there are likely to be changes on a weekly basis.

That being said, here is week two of the Broncos mock draft. As a reminder, the Broncos do not have a sixth-round pick so the slideshow will go from round five to round seven.

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Round One-Eddie Lacy-Running Back-Alabama

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Eddie Lacy is considered to be one of the top, if not the top, running backs in the draft and barring something unforeseen he could be there at number 28 when the Broncos pick in the first-round. Lacy would fit into the offense perfectly and he would start from day one. Lacy is a tough, between the tackles runner who gets the tough yards and is great near the goal-line.

The work that the Broncos did in free agency allows them the luxury of possibly looking at Lacy in the first-round. He played for Nick Saban while at Alabama which means he is prepared for the NFL. He understands blocking schemes and pass protection. Unless something changes drastically, Lacy looks awfully good for the Broncos at number 28.

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Round Two-Phillip Thomas-Safety-Fresno State

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The Broncos still need some depth at the safety position and Phillip Thomas would be a good fit in round two. He’s a physical safety who is very good versus the run and an excellent tackler. While he struggles in covering wide receivers at times, he is very good in covering tight ends which is an area the Broncos have really struggled.

In addition to his strengths versus the run and his ability to cover the tight end, Thomas is a very effective at blitzing from the safety position. He would have to improve versus the play-action pass; he tends to get sucked up but Thomas would be a nice addition to the Broncos secondary.

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Round Three-Brandon Williams-Defensive Tackle-Missouri Southern State

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Brandon Williams would be the perfect fit for the Broncos and he would have to drop a few spots for the team to take him with their third-round pick, but it’s possible. Williams is the prototype defensive tackle for defensive coordinator, Jack Del Rio. He’s 6’3” 325 pounds.

He would fit nicely with Knighton and Kevin Vickerson to form perhaps the biggest threesome of defensive tackles in the league, giving Del Rio the opportunity to keep his big guys fresh. In his senior season, Williams finished with 68 tackles, 16 for a loss, 8.5 sacks and five forced fumbles. Those are amazing numbers for a defensive tackle on any level, and the Broncos would love to have a player like Williams in the middle of their defense.

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Round Four-Brandon Jenkins-Linebacker-Florida State

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With their work in free agency, the Broncos will be using the draft to add depth and Brandon Jenkins would be a solid pick in the fourth-round. Jenkins could be a steal at this point in the draft as he was a projected first-round pick but broke his foot before the season started.

If the Broncos go with Jenkins, it would be a leap of faith, but they might be in a position to be patient. They are set at linebacker for a few years and Jenkins would have time to develop. The later rounds of the draft are about finding two things; value and diamonds in the rough. Jenkins has a shot to be both of those things.

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Round Five-Reid Fragel-Left Tackle-Ohio State

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The Broncos are set with their starters at the tackle position on offense, but they need some depth and insurance just in case they are unable to work out a long-term deal with Ryan Clady. Reid Fragel would fill both of those needs nicely.

Fragel is very athletic despite his 308 pound frame and has excellent footwork which is a must for a tackle in the NFL. He is also very adept at picking up blitzes and reacts quickly when he does take a wrong step. He is a former tight-end who is still learning the position of tackle and that would work well with the Broncos. Fragel would be under no pressure to play right away and would be able to sit back, and learn from Clady.

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Round Seven-Ace Sanders-Wide Receiver-South Carolina

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With the free agent signing of Welker, the Broncos are not in desperate need of a receiver who can play right away, but Ace Sanders could be the perfect fit when Welker’s days as a Bronco are done.

Sanders is small at only 5’7” but projects as a solid slot receiver in the NFL. There would be no better person to learn from than Welker and Sanders could also contribute on special teams while waiting for his chance to play on offense.

As you can see, these mock drafts can change in an instant and they will continue to change as we go through the next few weeks. As we get closer to the actual draft, it will be easier to zero in on the positions that the Broncos will be looking at. In the meantime, though, we will continue to give you our best analysis of what the Broncos are going to do next month.

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