Denver Broncos Must Move Forward From Elvis Dumervil

By Joe Morrone
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As hard as it might be for the Denver Broncos and their fans, they have to move on from Elvis Dumervil. Yes, there is still a chance the defensive end could work something out with the team and return, but his agent Marty Magid does not sound all that interested in trying to get that done.

Mike Klis wrote in the Denver Post that Magid is “fielding calls from other teams” on Dumervil, and no decision is likely to come until after the owners meetings conclude on Wednesday. The Broncos will stay in contact with Magid and Dumervil, but they don’t have the luxury to wait until the middle of next week — they have to act now to address their sudden need for a pass rusher.

There are still a few players out there who would fill the need for the Broncos, including Dwight Freeney, John Abraham and Richard Seymour. None of the three are as good as Dumervil, but the Broncos have to act and act fast, as they are not going to be on the market forever.

The most likely candidate is still Freeney who, despite his age, can still rush the quarterback. The Broncos would probably use Derek Wolfe and Robert Ayers at the defensive end spots on early downs, and bring in Freeney on passing downs. Wolfe would move inside to the tackle spot when Freeney comes in, and that would be a pretty formidable group of pass rushers when you add Von Miller to that mix.

In a perfect world, the Broncos would be able to figure something out with Dumervil, who has indicated he still wants to be a Bronco. However, the agent appears unwilling to make that happen at this point. It is fair to wonder if Magid did this on purpose so his client would become a free agent allowing other teams to make offers. It that is true, then the Broncos should move on just on principle alone.

If Dumervil really wants to be back with the Broncos, then he needs to take control of the situation. The final decision is his, not the agent’s, but all indications are that Dumervil is going to stay with Magid. That’s his decision to make, but he needs to understand one thing — the bridge between Magid and John Elway appears to be completely destroyed and beyond repair.

The ball’s in your court, Elvis. If you want to stay with the Broncos, then take control of your career. If you want to stay with Magid, then come to grips with the fact that you have no control, and you will play where your agent tells you to play. It seems like a no-brainer to me.

In the meantime, Elway and the Broncos cannot wait to address their needs for a pass rusher. It’s okay to pursue a resolution to the Dumervil situation for another day or so, but then it is time to move on. The pursuit of a championship waits for nobody, not even Dumervil.

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