Ed Reed Should Sign With Houston Texans

By Andrew Fisher
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The Baltimore Ravens are a team in a state of change this offseason. Numerous key players from their championship run have left town in the past few days, and it’s safe to say there’s some rebuilding to do. The last big name that’s hanging the balance is safety Ed Reed. The long-time Raven hasn’t decided what to do next season, and he’s entertaining an offer from the Houston Texans.

At this moment in time, the Texans and Ravens are by far the favorites to sign Reed, but he’s rumored to be looking around the league for any team that will pay more than the $5 million offer he received from Houston.

It boils down to this – does he want to play for another ring next season? or does he stay loyal to Ravens? He can’t have both.

Of course the money is going to be a factor in Reed’s decision, but the chance to play for a contender also has to be a part of it. Unless the Ravens hit the jackpot with about four defensive players in the draft, they’re going to take a step back, even if  Reed re-signs.

If he signs with the Texans, his veteran leadership and toughness would instantly improve their defensive unit, and we all know what he’d bring to the field. Reed has a couple more years left in him, so why not take a run at another title?

Reed enjoyed his visit to Houston, and is said to be thinking heavily about where he wants to play over the weekend. A decision will likely be reached next week, and his choice will no doubt have a big impact on the AFC next season. Reed would be an upgrade for the Texans at safety and he could be an x-factor that they desperately need. The Texans are a few pieces away from the Super Bowl, and adding Ed Reed to their defense would get them a little bit closer.

I’d be shocked if he plays anywhere besides Houston or Baltimore in 2013. I’d like to see him help the Texans get to the next level, and not get stuck on a Baltimore defense that doesn’t even closely resemble the units he used to play with.


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