Should the Atlanta Falcons Keep Vance Walker From Walking Away?

By Leigh Allen
Vance Walker Atlanta Falcons
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The powers-that-be of the Atlanta Falcons have played the free agency game a little differently than other NFL teams. They tend to choose demonstrated consistency from within rather than scrambling to sign on an outside name alone.

That being said, it’s time to talk about defensive tackle Vance Walker.

For most of his tenure with the Falcons, Walker has tended to fly more under the radar than jump in the spotlight. Coming in as a seventh round draft pick was surely a quietly humble beginning to becoming a Falcon. When the opportunities presented themselves, however, he stepped into the spotlight…with shining results.

It is a bit puzzling that there hasn’t been more interest in Walker; the current lack of awareness could lead to the Falcons’ underestimation of his true value to the team. He’s built a sturdy record and reputation that is worth more than just casual consideration.

The bump in the road for Walker (and the Falcons) may be the always-iffy boundary of the salary cap. What will the Falcons offer, what would he want to stay? Of course, the Falcons are weighing other options, and that’s to be expected. They must keep in mind that players who fit comfortably into the ubiquitous (and limited) salary cap with room to spare don’t necessarily make the best bedfellows…team, cap or otherwise. There is much to be said for stability and for promoting from within. It builds loyalty, respect and reliability on both sides.

Take care of your own, Falcons…just like they’ve taken care of you. It’s time to re-sign the proven commodity you have in Vance Walker.

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