The Baltimore Ravens are Getting Blown Up; It Happens

By Andrew Fisher
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The first official week of the NFL season has been an eventful one for the Baltimore Ravens. Just six weeks earlier, the Ravens were hoisting the Lombardi trophy, now people are wondering if they’ll even make the playoffs in 2013.

All of the panic is of course the result of the Ravens recent ‘fire sale.’ While it hasn’t been up to Miami Marlins standards, the Ravens are cleaning house in Baltimore. Forget the retirement of Ray Lewis, that’s the least of the Ravens’ problems at this point.

Their most consistent receiver is now playing for the defending NFC champions, while numerous other starters from their defense are now playing elsewhere. The hallmark of the Raven’s franchise for years has been their defense, and it seems apparent a new chapter will begin for that unit in 2013.

If somehow they can convince Ed Reed to come back and be the leader of their defense, they could at least maintain a sliver of their previous identity.

Regardless, it’s a time of change in Baltimore, and it’s not the end of the world. This is professional football we’re talking about, these things happen. Financial circumstances will make a club do strange things, and we’ve seen a prime example of that with the Ravens in 2013.

Re-signing Joe Flacco was the number one priority for the franchise, and they got that done. All of the other moves were a result of making Flacco the richest quarterback to ever play the game of football. There are priorities in sports, and paying franchise quarterbacks is one of them.

Let’s be honest about the 2012 Ravens, that team caught lightning in a bottle. They got hot and the right time and rode Lewis’ return to a Super Bowl victory. That team didn’t have more than one year in it, and now it’s time to rebuild the franchise.

I can understand the frustration from Baltimore fans, but these last few days are just an example of the harsh reality that is NFL. Teams don’t stick together anymore, and sometimes parting ways with a bunch of players is just that right move for business. The Ravens will be back, but it’s going to take some time and several smart picks in the upcoming draft.


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