Cincinnati Bengals: Brandon Lloyd Cincinnati-Bound?

By James Rapien
Stew Milne-US Presswire

The Cincinnati Bengals haven’t been able to get a consistent wide receiving option on the opposite side of A.J. Green. Green, who is arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL heading into just his third-season, but is consistently getting double-teamed. A real-threat on the other side would help alleviate some pressure off of Green.

The Bengals have tried different options at the number-two wide receiver slot. Jerome Simpson, Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu are some of the players who have tried to fill that role with mixed results.

Could newly-released Brandon Lloyd be the answer? Lloyd is known for his ability to stretch the field. He didn’t work out the way the New England Patriots wanted him to last season, but I’m sure we can think of another receiver that struggled in New England, but played pretty well in Cincinnati, no?

Even though Chad Johnson won’t be back in stripes anytime soon, Lloyd could be headed to the Queen City.

Jones and Sanu combined for 34 receptions, 355 yards and five-touchdowns in 2012. Lloyd, despite not sticking with the Patriots, had 74 receptions, 911 yards and four-touchdowns. Clearly, Bengals fans did see bright spots in Sanu and Jones, but is there any doubt Lloyd would be an upgrade?

According to ESPN Stats & Info, Lloyd led the NFL in targets 20-yards down-field from 2010-2011 with 73. Of those 73 targets, he didn’t have one drop. This is the kind of reliability that the Bengals could use, and would help continue third-year quarterback Andy Dalton’s development.

Even though Lloyd would be joining his fourth team in the past three seasons, he could fit in well with the young Bengals. Whether or not Cincinnati is interested in bringing in a veteran wide receiver remains to be seen, but Lloyd is the best available.

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