Cincinnati Bengals: Patience is Key When Building a New Culture

By James Rapien
Howard Smith-US Presswire

The Cincinnati Bengals‘ struggles over the past 20 years are evident. They have only won two division titles, and have zero playoff victories. But, as the free agency blitz continues, they are sticking to their plan to re-sign their own players and build through the draft.

Many fans seem bothered by this approach, but do they have a legitimate reason to be? The Bengals have drafted well over the past few seasons by adding players that have contributed right away. Why should they change their philosophy and use cap space on players in free agency?

When has a team who dominated the headlines in March also won the Super Bowl the following season? Does a team like the Pittsburgh Steelers, who have more championships (two) in the past 10 seasons than the Bengals have playoff victories, need to win the headlines in March?

No, and they just let their superstar wide receiver Mike Wallace leave via free agency. Will they worry about the loss? No, because with a winning organization like the Steelers, their next-man-up philosophy works.

What’s wrong with the Bengals establishing a culture of their own? Can’t they draft well and continue to build around a strong core of young players? Cincinnati has made the playoffs in back-to-back years for the first time since 1981-1982. Is now the time to complain?

The Bengals are heading in the right direction, and with the moves they’ve made in the draft over the past few years, there is no reason to complain. They can continue to build a culture in Cincinnati and create a winning atmosphere in the Queen City.

Be patient, Bengals fans. The free agency silence in March could be the best thing for this team in November.

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