Houston Texans Rumors: Is Wide Receiver Chad Johnson Interested in Coming on Board?

By Dan Parzych
(Steve Mitchell/USA Today Sports)

Last offseason, Chad Johnson was hoping to revive his career as a member of the Miami Dolphins, but the wide receiver was released by the team during training camp and was never picked up by another team for the 2012 season. Now, it appears Johnson has his heart set on a possible return for the 2013 season and one of the top Houston Texans rumors involves his interest in joining the team.

Of course, just because Johnson has interest in joining the Texans doesn’t mean they feel the same way.

Obviously, Johnson should have every reason in the world to join a team like Houston considering they will most likely be one of the top teams in the AFC once again heading into next season. However, there are plenty of other wide receivers the Texans would be better off with than Johnson–so there’s no reason to make a big deal over these rumors just yet.

Plus, keep in mind Houston is well aware of the extra drama Johnson would bring to the table if he did come on board for the 2013 season. Johnson used to be one of the league’s top wide receivers, but his 2011 season with the New England Patriots show he’s no longer as effective for a player his age.

It says a lot about a player if they fail to display big numbers with a quarterback like Tom Brady throwing them the ball–which means it wouldn’t be a surprise if Johnson’s plans of a comeback fell short.

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