New York Giants' Signing of Brandon Myers a Potential Coup

By Christopher Gamble
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports


The New York Giants seem to replace their starting tight end every off-season. Last year they brought in Martellus Bennett to replace Jake Ballard who replaced Kevin Boss. Now, Brandon Myers, 27, will take over the starting position while the Giants wait for last year’s fourth round pick Adrien Robsinson to develop.

Myers had a fantastic season with the Oakland Raiders last year, catching 79 passes for 806 yards and four touchdowns. By comparison, Bennett had 55 catches for 626 yards and five touchdowns. Adding Myers to the offense is a little bit a coup for the Giants. Bennett got himself a multi-year deal worth $20 million from the Chicago Bears, well outside what the Giants were willing and able to pay. Myers, who had a much better season, comes in with a one-year deal and is a much more consistent pass-catcher than Bennett.

Bennett thrived in the Giants offense but was still bothered by inopportune drops at times. Myers should give Eli Manning a consistent target over the middle of the field and in the end zone. Myers was an integral part of the Raiders’ offense and saw 105 targets. Bennett, by comparison, was targeted 90 times by Manning.

Myers should be an upgrade over Bennett and could become one of Eli’s most consistent targets in 2013. If history is any indicator it is the Giants system tends to favor tight ends. Kevin Boss looked like a reliable threat at the tight end position before leaving for the Raiders via free agency. Jake Ballard was an undrafted free agent before emerging in 2011 to be a reliable target of Manning’s. Bennett was a much-maligned tight end with the Dallas Cowboys before the Giants signed him on a one-year make-good contract. Myers comes to the Giants off of a career-year. He could very well have an even better year in 2013.

Unfortunately, no matter how the Giants and Myers do the team might be looking for yet another starter in 2014 but for now the Giants have their tight end and have a legitimate weapon in their arsenal. His consistency alone should be an upgrade over Bennett even if Bennett was an excellent blocker, something Myers is not.

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