Denver Broncos: It's Time for the Fans to Forgive Rahim Moore

By Joe Morrone

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The time has come for Denver Broncos’ fans to move on and forgive safety, Rahim Moore. Whether the fans like it or not, Moore is going to be a starting safety for the Broncos when the season opens in September and you know what? He should be.

The mistake at the end of the playoff game versus the Baltimore Ravens was a horrific one, but Moore had a solid second season. The Broncos had one of the best pass defenses in the league in 2012, and were even better versus the deep pass. The safety play has a lot to do with that and Moore played well. The Broncos or any team, for that matter, cannot just start cutting players who make a mistake, even a big mistake. There would be no one left to take the field.

For those of you who are in favor of releasing Moore, let me ask you this? Do you also want the Broncos to cut Peyton Manning because of the interception in overtime? Do you want John Elway to part ways with receiver Demaryius Thomas because he struggled in the loss to the Ravens? Should the Broncos look to trade Von Miller because his pass rush was non-existent on that January day? The answer to all of those questions is of course not, or at least that should be the answer.

Moore is not on the same level as those players, but the point remains the same, he must be judged on his whole body of work. He is a good, young safety who the Broncos have invested time and money in. If they released Moore, there would be 15-20 teams lining up to sign him.

Time will tell if Moore ever becomes one of the better safeties in the NFL, but he has shown enough to return as the starter for the Broncos. His improvement from year one to year two was substantial, if he makes that type of leap again in year three then the Broncos will have a very good player.

The memory of that play for Moore or the fans is never going to go away, but if Moore uses it the right way, then it can only make him a better player. As for the fans, the new league year started last week and it’s time to move on.

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