Indianapolis Colts: Who is the Mystery Receiver?

By Andrew Fisher
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sport

Indianapolis Colts‘ owner Jim Irsay has sparked the interest of fans with his recent tweets about acquiring a wide receiver. He won’t say who it is, and to this point, it’s a complete mystery.


Some speculated it was Victor Cruz, but those rumors were laid to rest on Monday. It would have been a big acquisition for the Colts, but with Cruz being a restricted free agent, a deal doesn’t seem likely.

So who could Irsay be referring to?

There are a couple of former New England Patriots still available in Brandon Lloyd and Julian Edelman. Either one of them would be a good fit in Indianapolis, but Edelman seems to be the better choice. He’s a guy who could be a solid slot receiver for Andrew Luck, and with Donnie Avery leaving town, that position is now available.

Several other teams have been rumored to have interest in Edelman, so maybe that’s what Irsay meant in his tweet?

The good news for the Colts, is that Luck really doesn’t need a whole lot of help. He doesn’t have to have a Cruz-like talent to be successful. Indianapolis is best served to go out and get a guy like Edelman, a player that Luck can grow and develop with.

If the Colts think they’re only a year away from contending for a title, then maybe they try to trade for a big name. I don’t think they’re that close yet, and they should probably keep focused on the draft.

If Irsay and the Colts do happen to bring in a solid wide out via free agency, it’s certainly not going to hurt anything. For fans that think it’s a huge name, you might want to lower your expectations.


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