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Miami Dolphins 2013 Mock Draft, Week 2: Seven Rounds

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Miami Dolphins 2nd Week Mock Draft For 2013

David Butler II-USA Today Sports

The Miami Dolphins may have been one of the biggest winners in the first week of free agency. They filled many of their holes that I had discussed last week in free agency, so their mock draft will definitely change, especially their first round pick.

Among the players that the Dolphins picked up in the first week were wide receiver Mike Wallace, linebacker Dannell Ellerbe, and tight end Dustin Keller.

Out of those three big name free agents, they were able to land a legitimate number one receiver, a young, promising linebacker in the Ellerbe, and an upgrade at tight end.

The Dolphins also picked up Phillip Wheeler from the Oakland Raiders, who will team up with Ellerbe, which will likely be the strong linebacker side. They also picked up wide out Brandon Gibson off waivers.

With all of their acquisitions this free agency, the Dolphins also let go of some major pieces of their success last season. Reggie Bush, Karlos Dansby, Anthony Fasano, Jake Long, and Sean Smith are among notables of those who will not be with the Dolphins this season.

With the ‘fins most recent transactions, the Dolphins now need help at the safety and offensive lineman positions. They no longer need help at the wide receiving position, so my latest mock will have a different first round pick than last week.

The Dolphins are excited with what they have done in free agency, but that is where it starts. They are going to have to fill the holes during the draft, but their acquisitions last week sure do make it easy.

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First Round: Lane Johnson, Offensive Guard - Oklahoma

Tim Heitman-USA Today Sports

Last week, I had the Dolphins drafting Cordarrelle Patterson, the wide out from of Tennessee. With the additions of Mike Wallace and Brandon Gibson, it appears that they no longer need help at the receiving position. With that being said, losing a tackle in Jake Long is extremely tough, and you immediately have to fill the void. Lane Johnson, offensive tackle out of Oklahoma. Johnson has size at 6’6, and is explosive at the snap, easily getting into position to fend off the defensive lineman. Johnson needs to put on some more pounds, but an impressive athlete for his size, and a good pick up for the Dolphins.

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Second Round: Jamar Taylor, Cornerback, Boise State

Brian Lossness-USA Today Sports

With all of their transactions during free agency, the Dolphins did not address their secondary issues. Jamar Taylor is a great talent out of Boise State, and I still have the Dolphins picking him here. He’s an instinctive corner who can come in as a rookie and play as a veteran. He’s a great pick up in the second round.

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Second Round (2): Monte Ball, Running Back, Wisconsin

Michael Clay-USA Today Sports

It’s a done deal. Reggie Bush is not coming back, which leaves the Dolphins very, very thin at the running back position. I had them taking Monte Ball last week here, and I have them picking him this week with their second pick in the second round. Ball is a top five running back recruit in this class, and with no legitimate back left in free agency, the Monte Ball makes sense for the Dolphins.

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Third Round: Brian Winters, Tackle, Kent State

Howard Smith-USA Today Sports

Even with the Dolphins going offensive line in the first round, they need to go that route again. Brian Winters is a great prospect in the draft, and will be left untouched until the third round. Winters is versatile, he can play guard or tackle, and is a work horse on the line. Winters gives the Dolphins some options, and will definitely help out that struggling line.

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Third Round (2): Dion Sims, Tight End, Michigan State

Jesse Johnson

With the loss of tight end Anthony Fasano, and the pickup of Dustin Keller, the Dolphins still need a compliment at the tight end position. I have them picking up Dion Sims again this week, because Sims will do just that. Sims is a big target for Tannehill, and if he stays healthy, can be a great tight end in the league.

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Fourth Round: Corey Lemonier, Defense End, Auburn

Paul Abell-USA Today Sports

The Dolphins picked up some linebackers during free agency, but never addressed their weakness at pass rush. Corey Lemonier out of Auburn would be the ideal pass rusher alongside Cameron Wake. Lemonier ran an excellent 40 time, and is so quick off the edge. He is a big hitter who looks to make the big knockout blow. His main weakness is his discipline, as Lemonier tends to be overaggressive, over pursuing into the backfield, but those types of weaknesses disappear with coaching.

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Fifth Round: Robert Lester, Safety, Alabama

Derick Hingle-USA Today Sports

With the loss of safety Sean Smith, the Dolphins need help at secondary. Robert Lester, safety out of Alabama, is a solid pickup in the fifth round. With comparisons to Kerry Rhodes, his ball hawking skills, along with his admirable work ethic will get him far in the league. Lester is scouted as not having the athleticism to cover deep, and is a bit under disciplined with his hands, but Lester is a good prospect, who has the ability to become a solid player in the secondary.

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Seventh Round: Denard Robinson, Wide Receiver, Michigan

Kim Klement-USA Today Sports

Denard Robinson out of Michigan is an interesting prospect. Robinson was a successful quarterback in college, but cannot be a successful one in the NFL. Robinson has declared for the draft at a wide out, and is 4.4 40 time will only help him out. Robinson is athletic, but lacks the experience as a wide out. Robinson can become the next Brad Smith, if healthy or he live up to his comparison to Antwaan Randel-EL, a mid-of-the-road receiver.

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Seventh Round (2): Caleb Sturgis, Kicker, Florida

Kim Klement-USA Today Sports

The Dolphins will bring in a kicker with the loss of Nate Kaeding, and Caleb Sturgis is the best kicking prospect in the draft.