New York Giants Rumors: Could Giants Look at Matt Hasselbeck as Backup QB?

By Christopher Gamble
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports


The Tennessee Titans recently released backup quarterback Matt Hasselbeck but he might not be without a job for very long.

The New York Giants look to be moving on from David Carr as a backup quarterback option, or it could be Carr looking for a team that will give him a chance to play. Either way, the Giants currently have Curtis Painter as the only quarterback on the roster behind Eli Manning.

Since taking over as starter for the Giants in 2004, Eli Manning has not missed a start. He is as close to an iron-man that you can find in the NFL these days. However, that doesn’t mean the Giants should go into the season with a quarterback behind Manning that they don’t trust.

Curtis Painter, 27, has spent most of his four-year career as a backup but did start eight games in 2011 for the Indianapolis Colts but failed to win a single game. He did not appear in a single game last season and was signed by the Giants early this off-season to compete for the backup job.

Adding Hasselbeck, 37, would give the Giants a veteran presence behind Manning and give the Giants someone who has a reliable track record in the NFL. Last season Hasselbeck served as a capable backup to Jake Locker and helped the Titans’ young quarterback learn the position.

Adding a quarterback is certainly not a priority for the Giants. However, Eli Manning, like any quarterback and any player in the NFL, is one hit or one wrong step away from injury. The Giants should kick the tires on Hasselbeck and see if he would be willing to come New York for a reasonable price to compete for the backup job. Hasselbeck’s brother, Tim, spent the 2005 season backing up Eli so he can certainly let his brother know about the experience.

A lot of things need to line up. Hasselbeck has to want to take a job as a backup. He has to be willing to take a big pay cut. If Hasselbeck wants to go somewhere where he might be considered for a starting job then he will have to sign somewhere else. Still, expect the Giants to gauge Hasselbeck’s interest.

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