New York Giants Should Be in the Clear Regarding Victor Cruz Situation

By Devin O'Barr
Eli Manning and Victor Cruz
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

When the New York Giants first gave restricted free agent Victor Cruz a first-round tender this offseason, many NFL pundits expected someone to make an offer on budding wide receiver. I have been on the record saying that no one would make Cruz an offer just because of the saturated free agent market and his high price–Mike Wallace and the Pittsburgh Steelers set a pretty good precedence with a similar scenario last year.

Moving forward, there have been constant reports that teams around the league are inquiring about Cruz and willing to make him an offer. If a team were to make a move for Cruz they would have to surrender a first-round pick to the Giants as compensation and sign him to a deal before he is a free agent after 2013.

Wideouts have already gotten nice paydays, which means the market is shrinking everyday. For example, teams with a weakness like the Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks have already explored alternatives at that position with Greg Jennings and Percy Harvin, respectively.

Possible suitors have gone out of the window leaving the Giants sitting high and mighty with even more time to work out a deal for the 26-year-old All-Pro wide receiver. New York’s front office has to be smiling about this as they now have the upper hand and can tell Cruz that no other team even inquired about him when the 1,000 yard receiver was available. What’s unfortunate for the Cruz’s camp is that the Giants can simply give him the franchise tag next year if the two don’t get a deal done before Cruz is an unrestricted free agent.

I’m not ruling out another team making Cruz an offer, however I think this scenario is working exactly how the Giants hoped it would. Cruz is making a change by signing a new agent, so maybe the two will be able to work out a long-term extension before training camp begins.

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