Seattle Seahawks Should Bring Back Matt Hasselbeck

By Bob Kaupang
Matt Hasselbeck, Seattle Seahawks
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Hasselbeck is my second-favorite player in the history of the Seattle Seahawks, after only Kenny Easley, so I would naturally like nothing more than to see him return to the team and play out the final days of his career on the sidelines for a Super Bowl contender. However, I am not in favor of the return of Hasselbeck simply due to sentimental reasons.

Earlier today Hasselbeck was released by the Tennessee Titans. Although the Seahawks now have a franchise quarterback in Russell Wilson, Hasselbeck would serve as the perfect mentor for the second-year signal caller. Hasselbeck is at the point in his career where he is never going to be a full-time starting quarterback again, but he would have plenty of wise veteran knowledge to give the young Wilson. He also still has enough gas left in his tank to be able to fill-in for Wilson should anything happen to him and lead the team to plenty of victories.

Some players have unhealthy egos, but Wilson is different. Everything about him oozes with a humble confidence. He would not feel threatened by the greatest quarterback in franchise history, a title he will claim for himself one day, but rather he would absorb all of the knowledge that Hasselbeck has to offer. He’s a special young man and is constantly striving to get better. Being able to pick the brain of a veteran like Hasselbeck each day would do nothing but make him better.

I have been a huge supporter of Matt Flynn, but this is a unique circumstance that would make the Seahawks better if they could trade him and sign Hasselbeck. Everyone knows that Flynn would like an opportunity to start and it isn’t going to happen in Seattle. He also doesn’t have the experience to help in the growth of Wilson either. Although I firmly believe he should be starting for someone in 2013, this is a scenario that would make the Seahawks better.

Pete Carroll is always striving to improve his team and the return of Hasselbeck would do just that.

Bob Kaupang is a Seattle Seahawks writer for Follow him on twitter @seahawksbob.

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