What's the Indianapolis Colts' Next Move in 2013 Free Agency?

By Eric Smith
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts have been a major player in the NFL free agent period. They’ve signed seven guys and counting so far addressing every major flaw from last season.

The question now is what’s next?

I have to think the Colts are done until after the draft. Colts CEO Jim Irsay said on Tuesday he had $100 million he was willing to spend. After all of these moves he went a little over.

Don’t worry, going over isn’t going to affect anything.

But, with addressing the needs on both sides of the football, it’s best they wait to see what they can get in the draft before spending more money and making moves.

Coming into the free agency period they needed at least two offensive linemen and one wide receiver on the offensive side and two defensive linemen, a linebacker and a cornerback.

They’ve signed both offensive linemen, a defensive lineman, re-signed another defensive lineman, two linebackers, two corners (one re-signed) and a safety. They’ve also locked in their punter Pat McAfee.

If the season would start today, their starting lineup would be good enough to compete for a Super Bowl. Use the draft to add the starting No. 2 outside wide receiver and for backups for the rest of the positions.

How great is it that in year two in a rebuild mode they’re drafting backups on a Super Bowl caliber team? Usually, teams coming off of a 2-14 season don’t turn things around that quickly. They’re using 2-3 draft classes to fill their future lineup.

That’s why I have to believe they’re done with signing guys until after April’s draft. See what you get and who’s available after. It’s a very good problem to have. The Colts are sitting pretty right now.

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