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Will Tim Tebow’s Fall From Grace Lead Him to Arena League Football?

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It’s been a long time since we’ve paid much attention to New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow and there is now a team out there sensing the opportunity is ripe for the picking, and they are going after Tebow. Unfortunately for Tebow, the team is the Orlando Predators and they play in the Arena Football League.

“Tim would certainly want to first exhaust his opportunities in the NFL, but we’d love to have him,” Predators president Brett Bouchy told the Orlando Sentinel, via  “I think he would definitely improve as a quarterback in our league. Kurt Warner told me once that when he got back to the NFL after playing in the Arena League, the NFL game was like slow motion.”

Has Tim Tebow’s career fallen this far, where he has no other alternative than to play in the Arena League? I understand that he’s not a great quarterback in terms of throwing the ball but it today’s game where the read option has become a bigger part of the NFL, you would think Tebow could find a suitable job with someone in the big league of football. He does have a career record of 8-6, which includes a playoff win, so Tebow does have some skills, including being a great leader. How is it possible that no NFL team wants him?

The Jets are mostly responsible for Tebow’s demise since they refused to use him much at all last year, or to make use of his skills in any way shape of form, but he’s still an NFL quarterback. I don’t know what team will take a chance on Tebow but he can still bring value to an NFL team. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a big believer in his passing ability but surely he can help one of the 32 teams as a backup quarterback, especially as a player who can run the read option that has become a bigger part of today’s NFL.

Tim Tebow still brings value as an NFL quarterback and some team will be lucky to have him on their roster. It’s just not likely to be an AFL team.

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