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Denver Broncos Make Offer to Elvis Dumervil, Now Wait

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos made an offer to defensive end, Elvis Dumervil on Tuesday. It is believed that the current offer is less than the one that Dumervil accepted last Friday, but due to some unique circumstances the deadline was missed and he became a free agent. At this point, it does not matter who was at fault although most people believe that Dumervil’s former agent Marty Magid is to blame. Based on the fact that he fired Magid, it is safe to say that Dumervil agrees with that assessment.

To be fair Magid, before being fired, did put the blame back on John Elway and the Broncos. However let’s remember one thing, Elway got into trouble two years ago because he was too honest about Tim Tebow’s ability to play quarterback in the NFL. If you are asking me to believe an agent or Elway, give me Elway every day of the week.

So now the Broncos wait for Dumervil to make a decision on whether to return to the only team he’s ever played for, or to take an offer from the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens are believed to be the Broncos’ only real competition in the chase for Dumervil’s services. Regardless of what happens, Elway and the Broncos deserve credit for how they have handled this situation.

They started by letting the dust settle and not making any decisions based on emotion which would have been easy to do based on the situation. Led by Elway, the front office took a calm and deliberate approach that finally led to the offer that was made on Tuesday. It showed a level of class and professionalism that all Broncos’ fans should appreciate.

In addition, Elway has been extremely open and forthcoming about what happened last week, the team’s immediate reaction and the offer that was made today. It’s a refreshing approach from what fans are used to out of most teams: denials, lies and misrepresentations. The Broncos are not going to tell their fans everything — that would be insane — but they will share what they can.

Elway stated that he hopes Dumervil accepts the Broncos offer but also added that they do have another plan if he decides to play elsewhere. It’s an unfortunate situation but if Dumervil wanted to be a Bronco before the fax that didn’t make it, then what’s changed? The offer is there, all he has to do is take it,

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