Michael Vick to Continue 'Finally Free' Book Tour Despite Threats of Violence

By Joe Doris
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The relentless backlash against QB Michael Vick has certainly been well-documented and largely debated ever since 2007, when he was convicted of financing and operating an illegal dog-fighting ring.

Well unfortunately, in the midst of his current book tour promoting his new autobiography, Finally Free, the backlash escalated to violent threats directed towards himself as well as the businesses that would be hosting his book signings.

Vick’s gruesome actions in relation to the dog-fighting ring certainly struck a nerve with the general public, who have not been shy in vocalizing and displaying their harsh feelings towards the QB. While a lot of people are quick to give athletes endless chances when it comes to their personal woes, Vick certainly lost a lot of fans who had previously backed him from the get-go.

Vick and his management were forced to cancel multiple signings because of the threats, but have since stated that they will “stay positive” and the book tour will continue as planned.

When the 2013 NFL season kicks off, Vick will be in his fifth season with the Philadelphia Eagles, where he has had a roller coaster ride of a tenure. After putting together a brilliant 2010 season, which was his first campaign as the Birds’ starter, Vick has regressed significantly in almost every area of play.

After plenty of speculation, new Eagles head coach Chip Kelly decided to bring Vick back for one more season to lead his young and explosive offense.

But Vick’s future in Philly could quickly come to a screeching halt if he under-performs, considering the Eagles have brought in two more mobile QBs in Dennis Dixon and G.J. Kinne, and they have also worked out West Virginia University QB Geno Smith, who will be a prime pick in April’s 2013 NFL Draft.

No matter where Vick travels during the remainder of his NFL journey, he will always be reminded of, and haunted by, his notorious acts and wrong-doings carried out as a young man.


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