Pro Bowl Changes Would be Fun, But Still Wouldn't Add Intensity

By Ben Grimaldi


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The entire NFL, minus the players, is in Phoenix, Arizona this week talking about all things NFL. Everything from rule changes, to free agents and trades have been talked about, and there is one thing being discussed that may excite the fans, the Pro Bowl.

The league is talking about options to make the game more exciting for the fans and bringing the level of intensity up for those playing in a game that has very little of either. From the league meetings comes a proposal for the Pro Bowl teams to be decided by naming captains for each team and having those captains picking teams; just like you did when you were in the fifth grade. The league and the fans will still determine the players in the game but captains, not a player’s conference, will decide who plays for what team.

It’s not the worst idea the NFL has ever had and the NHL currently does this for their All-Star game, so the concept isn’t completely new to professional sports. It would be pretty fun to see who each captain picked, have them explain why they picked them and to see if the captains would pick players from a rival team? The NFL could even add to the event by making a television special out of choosing of the sides!

However, as cool as the idea is, none of this is likely to add any intensity to the game. The Pro Bowl is a game played for fun after a long, hard season for the players and it comes with a nice vacation in Hawaii, which is well deserved. Captains to choosing sides is a fantastic idea since it adds some intrigue into the event as a whole, but the players still aren’t going to risk injury on a game that doesn’t mean much.

The NFL gets an A for effort, but unfortunately the players don’t give the same effort when it comes to the game on the field.

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