Washington Redskins' Release of Deangelo Hall Was Long Overdue

By Mike Atkinson
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins recently announced the release of cornerback DeAngelo Hall.

While effective at times throughout his career, Hall should have been cut a long time ago. His attitude and discipline problems have cost the Redskins in the past and could begin to affect them even more in the future.

In the past, Hall has been involved in a number of incidents since his days in Washington.

There was the time he said he would be targeting Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo’s injured ribs before the big rivalry game in 2011. After those comments, Hall stirred controversy around the league about targeting injured players. In addition to those comments, Hall said if he knew a running back had a hurt shoulder he woud hit him high every time.

Then, in 2012, Hall was ejected from a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers for raging against an official while arguing a call.

It wasn’t all bad with Hall, however. Hall also made history by recording three interceptions in the same game a few seasons ago, but his inconsistency wasn’t worth keeping him around for.

As many pointed out, he made headlines for controversy and discipline issues much more than he made them for being productive on the field.

Hall’s release was long overdue. Evident from watching the Redskins in the playoffs in 2013, Hall was practically begging for a 15-yard personal foul penalty, seemingly throughout the entire playoffs.

Whether his team was winning or losing, Hall was talking trash and playing dirty. I’m surprisd the Redskins put up with him as long as they did, considering most of the time when he was involved in an altercation he was relatively ineffective throughout the game.

Hall will likely find a new home, but whoever signs him will be disappointed with his lack of consistency on the field and his consistent need to play dirty.

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