Washington Redskins Still Getting Hammered by Salary Cap Penalty

By Andrew Fisher
Tim Heltman-USA Today Sports

It’s been a rough couple of years for the Washington Redskins in free agency. Levied with a cap penalty of $36 million dollars for infractions in 2010, Washington is strapped for cash, to say the least. As we sit here today, the team is only about $600k below the salary cap.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Washington was forced to drop veteran cornerback DeAngelo Hall, because they couldn’t afford to pay him the $8 million he was due in 2013.

This was bad news for the Redskins, as their secondary was already in need of improvement.

Roger Goodell has made it clear that he will not reconsider the sanctions against Washington, so this will be the team’s reality for at least one more year. As a result, the Redskins are being forced to conduct business in a much different way than they did in the past.

For years, the Redskins were known as the team that overpaid for free agents. Many of their acquisitions turned out to be huge busts, and a result, the franchise was left at the bottom of the NFC East.

It wasn’t until Mike Shanahan took over the reigns in 2010, that the franchise slowly started to turn from its old ways. The $36 million penalty over two years is certainly not a blessing in disguise, but it is making the team spend its money wisely.

When you only have $600k worth of cap space, it’s going to mean nothing but value free agent signings, and careful draft picks. These two areas will be the focus of the Redskins in the upcoming months.

It’s tough to say if they will be able to drastically improve their roster from 2012, but if they do, it will be done the right way. There won’t be any flashy free agents coming on board, only well thought out draft picks and affordable players looking for a chance to prove themselves.


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