2013 NFL Draft: Dallas Cowboys Have Improved Their Drafting in Past Few Years

By Ben Grimaldi


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With the 2013 NFL Draft approaching, all I’ve heard from Dallas Cowboys fans is how poorly they’ve drafted. While it is true that the 2008 and 2009 drafts by the Cowboys has severely hurt the teams progress and forced Dallas into overpaying free agents, the Cowboys have actually been one of the better drafting clubs in the past few years.

Look at these names over their past three drafts and tell me the Cowboys haven’t drafted well: Dez Bryant, Sean Lee, Sean Lissemore, Tyron Smith, Bruce Carter, DeMarco Murray, Dwayne Harris, Morris Claiborne, Tyrone Crawford and James Hanna. I can’t add in Kyle Wilber or Matt Johnson yet since we don’t know what they can do and we should get a good look at Danny Coale this season  but that is a list of 10 names in the past three drafts that will account for how good this team can be in the upcoming years. These players are the core of how good, or bad, the Cowboys are going to be in the future.

Some of the future depends on if the Cowboys are able to re-sign some of these players but point is that Dallas has been a very good drafting team in the past few years. They’ve put themselves in a good position with a solid, core of young players who are good enough to make the Cowboys a viable threat in the coming years. There are plenty of potential Pro Bowl players throughout that list of players above and if they can have a little more luck with injuries the Cowboys will be in great shape.

I understand that injuries are part of the game and some of the Cowboys draft picks have a history of being injury prone but some of the injuries have been just bad luck. Sean Lee’s foot has never been an issue, Bruce Carter’s elbow was a freak injury and DeMarco Murray’s fractured ankle wasn’t a common injury either, so it’s not like Dallas hasn’t drafted players tough enough to handle the NFL grind. They just need a little more luck staying healthy.

Can anyone imagine how good the Cowboys might have been if they didn’t have two back-to-back awful drafts? They’ve come back nicely from those debacles and put together a solid nucleus of players in the past three drafts. Dallas should be at a point where those players should be entering their prime with the team and they shouldn’t have to pay for free agents because they’ve got good enough talent in Dallas. That’s what the Cowboys have been building with their past three drafts and hopefully that trend will continue.

Of course, the Cowboys may not have drafted the exact right player or position in the last three drafts but no team is perfect. The Cowboys have drafted well enough over the past three years to not have everyone scared they’ll mess up the 2013 draft. Dallas’ draft room has shown themselves to be solid talent evaluators and they have picked plenty of good players in recent years.

Expect more of the same from the Cowboys in 2013, look forward to a positive draft experience and leave all the negativity at home.

Ben is a Cowboys writer for Ransports.com and you can chat with or follow him on twitter @BenGrimaldi

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