2013 NFL Draft: Should the Jacksonville Jaguars Consider Geno Smith?

By Dan Parzych
(Rich Barnes/USA Today Sports)

After two disappointing seasons, there’s been plenty of talk heating up about whether the Jacksonville Jaguars should move on from Blaine Gabbert and focus on acquiring a new quarterback for the 2013 season–whether it’s through free agency or the 2013 NFL Draft. This year’s draft class may not have standout quarterbacks like previous years, but there is one player the Jaguars should strongly consider once April rolls around–Geno Smith of West Virginia.

Smith has seen his name linked to numerous teams in need of a quarterback for the 2013 season, but the argument can be made no team with a top-10 pick needs more help than Jacksonville. For a team that ranked 29th in 2012 when it came to overall offense, it’s no secret the Jaguars could use all of the help in the world when it comes to bringing new players on board for next season.

With the type of potential Smith has shown over the last few weeks, the addition of the West Virginia star would be a major upgrade for Jacksonville.

Smith proved at the collegiate level he’s a playmaker and this may be just the type of excitement needed for the Jaguars to bounce back from last year’s disappointing two-win season. Gabbert has received plenty of opportunities to prove himself over the last two seasons as he’s thrown for just 3,876 yards with 21 touchdowns and 17 interceptions in 24 starts–so the Jaguars may want to consider Smith since all signs point to Gabbert not working out in the long run.

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