Brian Urlacher: Another Legend Will Finish Career with New Team

By Andrew Fisher

When I first heard the news that the Chicago Bears and Brian Urlacher were parting ways, my reaction was probably similar to what most experienced – shock. What? Urlacher not playing in Chicago? 

It just doesn’t seem right. When you think about the Chicago Bears, you think Brian Urlacher, the epitome of a Bears’ defensive player. He’s been the hallmark of the franchise for over a decade, and all of this just seems so sudden.

The reality – it’s not really that shocking. If ever there were a time to move on for both sides, it’s now. Urlacher’s contract is up, he wants more money than the Bears are willing to pay, and the sides are just too far apart. It happens. There comes a time when it just doesn’t make sense from a business perspective to bring back a veteran player like Urlacher.

Legendary status aside, this is the right move for football operations. Chicago is best served to use a high draft pick to try and find Urlachers’ replacement, rather than overpay him and maybe not even get results on the field.

I truly hate it when legends finish their careers on new teams, but sometimes the players just aren’t ready to call it quits, and I can respect that.

Urlacher will start a new chapter in his career in 2013. It will be strange to see him in a new uniform, but it’s going to happen. The Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings are both potentially interested in signing him, and we’ll see just how much of a sour taste Urlacher has in his mouth when he decides on a new team. If he goes to the Cowboys, it won’t be that big of a deal, but if he goes to Minnesota, that would indicate that Urlacher is not happy about the way things ended in Chicago.

I’m hoping that there isn’t any bad blood between the two sides, because Brian Urlacher will always be a Chicago Bear in the minds of football fans everywhere.

Update: Things End Badly in Chicago, Urlacher to Vikings?


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